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The Media Cover-up of the Gore Victory


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Eyewitness Corroboration:


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Consortium Spins Like Media Do

Corroborating articles:

What Jack Welch is really like

Neutron Jack—In His Own Words (Transcript of Charlie Rose's interview with Jack Welch, October 24, 2001)

Readers' comments on Jack Welch

You Don’t Know Jack, Multinational Monitor

Confirmation that the media reported more on tactics than on issues in the 2000 presidential election

IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST? A Content Study of Early Press Coverage of the 2000 Presidential Campaign, Project for Excellence in Journalism

Confirmation that the media reported more favorably on George Bush than Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election

The Last Lap: How the Press Covered the Final Stages of the Presidential Campaign, Project for Excellence in Journalism

GORE MEDIA COVERAGE -- PLAYING HARDBALL, Jane Hall, Columbia Journalism Review

A Sustained G.O.P. Push to Mock Gore's Image, Alison Mitchell, The New York Times  

The Media Is the Mess, Robert Parry,  

Easily provable lies about Al Gore that most mainstream media reporters repeated ad nauseam

Al Gore v. the Media,

Truth Be Told, Washington Post

Gore's too-willing executioners,

Gore In Context (Google cache, archived at

Katharine Seelye on Gore and on Bush

Katharine Seelye continued her nonsense right through the campaign's final weekend, Bob Somerby, The Daily Howler

When Seelye spent a week reporting on Bush, that "cynicism" cleared up real fast, Bob Somerby, The Daily Howler

Puff piece disguised as a news article:
President Is on Vacation, Mostly Not Taking It Easy, Katharine Q. Seelye, The New York Times

Rick Berke on Gore

Berke embellished some tales and he beat on Gore’s mom, Bob Somerby, The Daily Howler

Ceci Connolly on Gore

Ceci Connolly keeps milking those Gore farm chores--for quite a bit more than they’re worth, Bob Somerby, The Daily Howler

Conducting "random" interviews with town hall survivors, Ceci Connolly got across favorite points, Bob Somerby, The Daily Howler

Confirmation that Tim Russert used Bush campaign opposition research material against Al Gore

This May Be a Pre-Mortem of the 2000 Campaign, Time

Confirmation that Jack Welch influenced and favored Tim Russert, and that he chewed out Claire Shipman for being too easy on Gore

THE WELCH-RUSSERT CONNECTION, Media Whores Online (scroll down)

Wrongdoing by George Bush that was hardly covered, if at all

Bush Questions Never Answered,

Political leanings of media moguls

What Are the Politics of Network Bosses?, Jim Naureckas, Fairness and Accuracy in Media (FAIR)

GE’s political influence

General Electric and Corporate Political Influence, GE Workers United

GE’s illegal activities

Felons On The Air: Does GE's Ownership of NBC Violate the Law?, Sam Husseini, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

GE Misdeeds,    

The Case Against GE, Multinational Monitor (almost the entire July/August issue was devoted to GE wrongdoing)

Jack Welch in the newsroom on election night

NAMES & FACES , Washington Post

NBC in jam over election coverage, Pamela McClintock, Variety (Interesting date on this article—September 11, 2001)

Congressman Talks on NBC, Welch, Yahoo! News, Associated Press

Andrew Lack’s refusal to turn over tapes of Jack Welch in the newsroom on election night

Henry Waxman’s letter to Robert Wright, Henry Waxman

Lack: Videotape Fuss Is Finished, Ted Hearn, TVinsight

The Bush administration’s attempt to influence the GE/Honeywell merger

Monti slams US critics, BBC News

US and Europe split on GE takeover of Honeywell, Chris Marsden, World Socialist Website

The EPA’s order to GE to clean up the Hudson River

GE decries EPA ruling on Hudson dredging,

Michael Powell's devotion to his marching orders as head of the FCC

Their Man in Washington, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

Broadcasters Face Prospect of Takeovers, Jube Shiver Jr., Los Angeles Times

Other Bush administration corporate payoffs, even after the 9/11 tragedy

An Economic Stimulus Bill With Corporations in Mind, Gretchen Morgenson, The New York Times

Taking Care of Business, Paul Krugman, The New York Times

Jack Welch personally benefits from supporting George W. Bush for president

When George W. Bush held court in Austin, Texas, with the leaders of big business back in January — including GE CEO Jack Welch — these captains of industry reminded Bush that cutting taxes on business and the wealthy was priority number one. Bush is working hard to keep his promise.”

Opposing Tax Cuts for the Rich, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America  

Confirmation of the continuing love affair between the media and George Bush

The media and Mr. Bush, Barry Grey, World Socialist Web Site  

Confirmation that the announcement of the results of the study have been postponed indefinitely:

Did Al Gore win after all? US newspapers would rather not say, Charles Laurence, Daily Telegraph of London

Media suppress the news that Bush lost election to Gore Charles Laurence, Sydney Morning Herald (same article as above)

Several people involved said the attacks raised two significant problems: a sudden lack of resources to analyze the painstakingly collected data about the ballots and, just as centrally, a queasy sense that now is not the right time to publish information that could well question the legitimacy of the nation's commander in chief...

Asked whether a reluctance to question the legitimacy of President Bush was a factor in putting the ballot project on hold, John Broder, a New York Times reporter and member of the steering committee overseeing the analysis, said, ‘I imagine that individual news organizations have had that discussion internally.’ Broder, who didn’t want to comment more on the situation, would say only, ‘I think the data’s ready, but we’re not. We’ll publish when we’re ready.’”

Remember Florida? News Organizations Delay Reporting on Meticulous Presidential 'Recount' in Light of Attacks, Seth Mnookin,

U.S. media forget about dimpled chads, John Ibbitson, Toronto Globe & Mail

Media Ballot Review Delayed, Yahoo! News Associated Press
This article has now been scrubbed.  Below is the excerpt of text I copied while it was still available.

Tuesday September 25 8:35 PM ET

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - A media review of uncounted Florida ballots in the 2000 presidential election has been delayed indefinitely as a result of the recent terrorist attacks.

A group of news organizations, including The Associated Press, had planned to publish stories in late September based on a review of uncounted ballots in the race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

But the attacks on Sept. 11 have consumed the efforts of computer data analysts, editors and reporters at the participating news organizations…

The New York Times and Washington Post websites have also been scrubbed of any reference to the postponement.

Various comments on the “postponement” of the results of the Florida Ballot Study

The results of a project this big, this costly, this worthy, will not be able to remain hidden for long. News about the self-censorship of the news found its way to Mnookin, and the hand of mediating power is now forced: The information will come to light -- as soon as the mediators-in-chief figure out how to minimize its impact. [Emphasis added.] The game, however, will be to time the release of this obviously bad news for democracy (if the results weren't inconvenient, there would be no need to withhold them), to save it for a moment when other events distract from or lessen the impact of the facts.

War on Terrorism: A Recipe for Disaster, Narco News (scroll down to the bottom of the page or do an Edit | Find for florida)  

Contrary to the impression left in this Globe and Mail story (but in keeping with Howie Kurtz's report), the big media consortium recount of Florida has not been "spiked." The raw data compiled by the National Opinion Research Center was scheduled to be released to the consortium members in mid-September, but the 9/11 attacks resulted in a postponement. Will the results be published? "Oh, yeah," says Alan Murray of the WSJ. ... What about the earlier kf report that the raw data from NORC was beset with methodological problems and therefore inconclusive? I'll get back to you on that one. ... (10/15)

Hit Parade, Mickey Kaus, (in the gray column, dated 10/15/01)

For the record, the news organizations involved (including The Washington Post) say they haven't canceled the Florida project, just delayed it because of the war.

The Story That Devoured the Media , Washington Post, Howard Kurtz (scroll down to the bottom—the “story that devoured” is anthrax, not a stolen election, according to Kurtz)

I assume the recount probably will proceed at some later date. But considering the importance of the matter at hand, it still seems to me that the media outlets in question are being deliberately vague. I think they're hedging. And bureau chiefs giving personal assurances to friends in the business (absent quotes) really doesn't cut it.

As mentioned yesterday, a delay in the project seems entirely reasonable. But if it's only a delay, the whole consortium should issue a press release stating that this is only a delay, and that the complete survey of disputed ballots will be completed and published as originally planned.

Talking Points Memo, October 16, 2001, Joshua Micah Marshall,

Editorial comment on the withholding of the results:

Patriot Games , Eric Alterman, The Nation (scroll down to the last two paragraphs)

Corroboration of how the ballot study was progressing from the beginning, and the fact that reporters knew what the results were showing:

Beyond reassuring Americans about their leader’s stability in a time of crisis, major news organizations also sought to avoid fresh doubts about his legitimacy. Leading news outlets, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, postponed indefinitely the results of a comprehensive examination of about 175,000 disputed ballots cast in Florida last November.

Earlier press examinations of the Florida ballots, when viewed together, suggested that Democrat Al Gore would have won the state and thus the White House, under three of four standards for judging votes.

The What-If's of Sept. 11, Robert Parry,

Theft of the Presidency, Greg Palast, BBC TV  

Palast Clarifies Gore Won Statements, Greg Palast,

How the partial recounts by various newspapers were contorted and distorted to “show” that Bush won Florida:

Media-sponsored recount in Florida slants results to legitimize Bush election, Kate Randall, World Socialist Web Site

USA Today Conceals Key Information in Recount Story, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)  

So Gore Really Won?,

Moon Over the Miami Herald, Paul Lukasiak, Gay Today

You can read the Miami Herald articles yourself

REVIEW SHOWS BALLOTS SAY BUSH, Martin Merzer, Miami Herald, 4/4/01  

Recounts could have given Gore the edge, Shari Rudavsky and Beth Rein hard, Miami Herald, 4/5/01 

Votes aren't sacred, Tom Fiedler, Miami Herald

Honest reporting on some of the partial recounts

Despite chorus of critics, media press on with vote-counting story, Joel Engelhardt, Palm Beach Post

The behavior of the Republican “observers” during the Consortium ballot study:

GOP v. RECOUNT, TAKE TWO, Michael Crowley, The National Review

HANGING WITH THE CHADS, Russ Baker, Columbia Journalism Review

Anyone who kept up with the various partial recounts that were contorted and distorted in every way possible to show that somehow, by some huge stretch of the imagination, George Bush might have won Florida, even after a recount, knew that Al Gore actually won Florida.  We've known it for many months. has kept such a tally:

Gore Won Florida! has also compiled a list of as many as FIFTY fairly easily provable illegal activities that no one in Florida is being called to account for.


More information on illegalities in Florida, especially refusing to count votes that were legally required to be counted (corroborating features in Part Two of our series):

"Lost" Votes and a Stolen Election, Paul Lukasiak, with Maia Cowan,

Bush's fifth ace: A crooked Panhandle, Elizabeth Jordan and Oliver Dawshed,  Online Journal

Evidence suggests ballot tampering in Florida's Escambia County, Paul Lukasiak, Online Journal

How the Republicans in Florida plan to hide these illegal activities

Florida Senate Considers Secret Meetings, Police Detentions in Wake of Terrorism, Julie Kay, Miami Daily Business Review

Democratic acquiescence to the Republican juggernaut

Can Democrats Still Play the Game?, Jeffrey Toobin, The New York Times

Why members of the Consortium might lie about their reasons for withholding the results:

Hey, Give Back Those Airwaves -- Or Pay Up , Norman Ornstein and Michael Calabrese
Washington Post

Howie Kurtz says they'll release the results "before the end of the year," but neglects to say which year

In the Line of Fire, Howard Kurtz, Washington Post

How news media are adversely affected by a bottom-line mentality:

Fear & Favor 2000: How Power Shapes the News, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

JACK IN THE BOX, John Greenwald, Time

Where Have All The Muckrakers Gone? Danny Schechter,  

All the News That Turns a Profit, Molly Ivins, Common Dreams News Center

More on the corruption that is endemic in the top echelons of the U.S. corporatocracy, including conglomerates that own media outlets:

G.E. Hires Wife of British Prime Minister to Help Honeywell Bid, New York Times

For confirmation of the cynical opportunism of media conglomerate CEOs:

Networks want a break in wake of Sept. 11 attacks, Pamela McClintock, Variety

If it's hard for you to believe that American businessmen will use our government to line their own pockets, including interfering in the political processes in other countries:

How Wall Street Created a Nation, Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, Essential Information 

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