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Myths Debunked


The Liberal Media

Malpractice Caps Are Good For Us

Liberals Should Be NICE to Conservatives

Social Security Should Be Privatized

Republicans Kept Terry Schiavo Alive because they Are Pro-Life

George W. Bush Won the 2004 Election

Health Care Is Better in the U.S. than in Canada

Thanking the Clintons

Rising Cost of Medical Malpractice Insurance Is Due to High Jury Awards

The "Truth" About Tax Cuts

Democrats Are the Party of Jim Crow

Adam Smith Proved that Greed Is Good

Republicans Are Better for the Economy than Democrats

Republicans Are Good for the Military

Americans Have the Best Health Care in the World

Government Never Does Anything Right

The Bush Administration Doesn't Rely on Polls

Members of the Religious Right Are Followers of Christ

Clinton Didn't Fight Terrorism

Clinton Did Nothing Important While In Office

George W. Bush Won the 2000 Election


Last changed: December 13, 2009