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Al Gore: So Pre-9/11

Female voters “shudder in revulsion”

Al Gore, uncomfortable in his own skin, speaks while swathed in denim 
during the 2000 campaign. He later failed in his attempt to steal
  the election, then sought to conceal his shame behind a beard.

By Ceci Connolly
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, April 27, 2002; Page A01

Emphasizing economic justice, health care, environmental protection, and other issues that seem passé to most Americans in the wake of the bombing of the World Trade Center, former Vice President Albert A. Gore has somehow taken the lead among potential Democratic presidential nominees, according to the Zogby poll. However, compelling anecdotal evidence gathered by the Post indicates that Gore has lost all luster among the female voters who provided most of his support in 2000.

“The thought of Gore becoming president makes me shudder in revulsion,” said Mrs. John O’Connor of Washington, D.C., a self-described “normal American”. Mrs. O’Connor, who goes by the nickname Sandy, expressed the view of many when she went on to say, “Gore is so despicable, I would violate every canon of legal ethics to stop that bastard from ever getting elected.”

Mrs. O’Connor’s comments indicate that, like most women, she abhors conceited, lying, pompous, phony gasbags. Numerous females have confided to this reporter that Mr. Gore “just makes us want to barf”.

“Gore is a pathetic jerk,” said professional woman Kit Seelye of New York City, an “everyday kind of gal” who works for a large corporation. “ He deserves to be libeled into total oblivion by mainstream reporters. Frankly, I’m embarrassed and disappointed that mission hasn’t already been accomplished. I assure you, it isn’t for lack of effort.”

Mr. Gore has refused to comment on whether he will run. Democratic insiders are said to be embarrassed by this latest example of the former vice president withholding the truth. Gore’s reticence is interpreted by some as tacit acknowledgement that such a campaign would merely reveal how much decent people are still disgusted by the appalling deceit that is widely considered to be the very essence of the man.

The apparent overwhelming anti-Gore attitude on the part of rank and file distaff voters is just one factor in what experts believe would be the undoing of yet another unwise Gore run for the presidency.

“Tactically, he’s a fool,” exclaimed Kathy Harris of Tallahassee, Florida, an employee in the division of the state government that oversees elections. “It appears as though his strategy is still to ‘get the most votes’.”

“Some people never learn.”


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